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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

  • AI – Manthan

    Development Platform to Build Train and Test AI based Deep Learning Models

  • AI - Tainaatee

    Inference Testbed for production ready AI Manthan trained Models

  • AI - Satyapikaanan

    API based Face Verification & Liveness Detection Services

  • AI - VANI

    Chatbot, Voicebot & Matra Transliteration Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human cognitive processes by machines. For this machine learns from data both structured and unstructured. AI models can be built using supervised learning, or semi-supervised learning, where the system can be used to search for patterns in the data and cluster them, and in next stage use such classes for further model training.However usually users donot have the necessary resources to harness AI because data crunching is a computationally intensive job.

AI as a Service : NIC plans to build a platform that will help AI users to start work on Data Annotation using open source tools for creating the training dataset and then to facilitate users for training the model using a supercomputing development platform and open source AI development frameworks. This development platform is being made available by NIC through NIC AI Cloud, and Further it plans to help users deploy the model by building an Inference Platform for deployment. AI Models that have been matured can also be offered to the users for further development work as part of AI Development Platform as a Service.

Image & Video Analytics : Image analytics can be used for Object detection, face verification, face recognition etc. like checking progress in work undertaken by agencies like construction of water tanks, road construction etc. over time, house construction by citizens, crop pest detection in agriculture, verification of photos of pensioners, missing child tracking, analyzing radiology reports for human health care etc.

Video analytics can be used for detection of children head count in ICDS scheme videos, traffic analysis etc.

Text Analytics : Can be used for sentiment analysis in social media feedbacks, making recommendations, text analytics & text summarization etc.

Numerical Modeling : Structured data can be used for time series analysis, trend forecasting, scheduling of maintenance services etc.

ChatBot : can be used for answering Frequently asked questions (FAQs) reducing help desk queries, can be used to answer specific application based queries etc.

VoiceBot : can be used to answer user queries in Hindi and English where citizens are illiterate and can answer queries like agricultural produce prices at a mandi, register a complaint from the user for deficiency in services etc.

AI - Satyapikaanan

AI Satyapikaanan : Put simply, face verification is needed for verifying you are who you claim to be. It is needed for contactless online security. Your unique face is the most secure way of verifying your identity online, and it’s the only way that government services can be assured that you and only you have access to your data.

These services may be needed while applying for visas, driver’s licenses or passports, to access your health record, Govt. scheme benefits or to sit for an exam. NIC is Providing Face Verification Services for Office Attendance, Life Certificate for Pensioners, RTO’s Driving/Learner’s License examinee verification etc..

User has to put in a Signed User Request informing briefly about the usecase under consideration, Number of concurrent requests expected per second and whether the inferencing is required on real-time basis or can be executed in batch mode in off peak hours. On basis of queuing requests and availability of inference server platform the requests will be taken up in first come first served basis.


The “Chatbot as a Service” can help you build layered-modular-pluggable chatbots, following the indigenously developed VANI “Virtual Assistant of NIC” framework. The framework consists of various modules which are capable to perform API integration to back-end systems, queue management, agent monitoring and live handover to human agents and can be added to the chatbot as required. Using this framework multiple Chat, Voice or Mobile App based bots can be deployed to interact with the back-end engine by maintaining individual sessions thus ensuring privacy of each conversation.Other than Indian English, the chatbots can support 11 Indian Languages viz. Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, & Nepali. For Multilingual bot creation, user shall be required to subscribe for an additional "MATRA as a Service" (an Indic phonetic Transliteration API) on: Using Matra, the the end user of the Chatbot can type using the standard QWERTY keyboard for any non-English languages eliminating the need or learning/mapping new language keyboards. The "Voice based Support services" provides both the normal DTMF (selection of menu items based on key press on the phone keypad) or voice based selection both in short phrases or using NLP based support which become a Voicebot. Similar to the text Chat based services, the API integration, queue management, agent monitoring and help-desk support are also provided as per user department/organisation requirement.
As the naming/purpose of intents/action parameters of individual bots can differ from case to case, the modular layers of the bots can be customized to suit the purpose of the user organisation/departments requirements. The chatbots/voicebots takes necessary protection to ensure confidentiality and privacy of the user data by handling the data flow exclusively through user application and restricting the data flow between the user and other third-party applications (e.g. Google Dialogflow).

How to Avail the Service

Registered Cloud users may Click here and submit their Service Request (SR) to avail the above service, whereas new users ( i.e. users not yet registered for cloud ) are requested to first apply for the Cloud Registration with refering the On-boarding procedure.